Merrick Garland is being proven right about this one

A couple months ago, Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the Department of Justice to begin focusing on threats to local school boards and teachers, and the FBI started tracking such threats. Of course, Republicans such as Gym Jordan (Q-Locker Room) promptly lost their shit when they learned of this and started whining about how “innocent parents” would get swept up as terrorists, and demanded Garland withdraw the memo.

Well, it turns out that Garland had a good reason to order the DOJ to focus on threats against school officials and boards. The domestic terrorist group known as the Proud Boys have increasingly focused their attention on local political bodies such as town councils and school boards following their terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol back in January.

Following the attack, the groups have adopted a more localized cell structure and have been showing up to board meetings and the like to intimidate officials into doing what they want. In some cases, school districts have had to implement additional security measures after these cannons of douche threatened board members and others. While the focus seems to be on the pandemic, they’re also out trying to get books that expose kids to new ideas and different perspectives banned like their German mentors did about 80 years ago.


Going out on a limb here, I’m guessing that Garland was acting on specific intelligence regarding the Proud Boys trying to disrupt local governments that refuse to follow the Branch Trumpvidian playbook and are trying to make things better when he ordered the DOJ to focus on threats to local political bodies. And I believe he is correct, this is not about busy body parents, but organized reich wing militias who are trying to institute a fourth reich in the United States.

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