Megyn Kelly just found a whole new way to embarrass herself

It’s just sad. What am I speaking of? I am speaking of the January 6 insurrection, of course. And I am speaking of the SOP (scared old party) and their attempts to rewrite history. It is getting worse.

It seems every day now, yet a new scared old party member jumps onto the bandwagon with a declaration of how an American Terrorist attack was merely a walk in the park. The latest to do so is Megyn Kelly.

Kelly (an admirer of blackface, NOT in the middle as she so claims) has just gotten a new gig with SiriusXM radio. This did not surprise me. Kelly has been doing a podcast the last few months, which seemed to consist of nothing more than attacking Critical Race Theory and the liberal media. But someone like Kelly hungers for power–and respect. I do not see her ever getting either.

She does, however, have this new radio deal, and there are potential audience members to convert! There are angry MAGAS to ensnare. So, why not say something outrageous to pull them in and maybe gain a few more listeners? Horrible, I know, but that’s Kelly.

So Kelly interviewed one of the January 6th participants, a lady by the name of Chrisy Mayr. Mayr, who spent much of the time giggling, described the insurrection as “so like, not a big deal.”

Also: “the most chill thing ever.”

What a profound and intellectually stimulating conversation! Kelly made this statement which is already receiving furious blowback: “There is no question the media represented it as so much worse than it was.”

I’m sorry to be reporting this. It saddens me that people driven by their hubris would betray heroes such as the Capitol Police to lure in potential viewers. I predict her show will last for a bit but not permanently. Kelly has subverted any talent she may have had. Her new gig will never be able to get her the one thing she desperately covets: respect.

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