Megyn Kelly has found a whole new way to humiliate herself

As America reaches 500,000 deaths from COVID-19, it is a heartbreaking reminder how deadly of a disease COVID is. Our hearts go out to everyone who this deadly virus has touched. One positive thing is that we have Doctor Anthony Fauci advising us. He is an expert in his field. As long as we keep masking up, practicing social distancing, and getting our COVID vaccines, the numbers will hopefully tick downward.

But wait. Some do not think COVID is an issue anymore. These are the same people who hate masking up, and some might call them “COVID deniers” or at least “mask deniers.” This leads me to one Megyn Kelly. Although Kelly has been reduced to churning out podcasts after her firing from NBC, she still has a following and can do a great deal of harm which it seems she is already doing.

The Thomas Reuters Foundation tweeted this: “Americans may still need masks to fight COVID in 2022, Fauci says.”

Do you see anything wrong with that tweet? I don’t. But this tweet caused Kelly some distress because she tweeted back this one word. “No.”

Wow. I didn’t know Kelly had an Infectious Disease Degree. How in the world did I miss that? The answer to that question is Kelly does not have a degree in medicine. This petulant one-word tweet shows Kelly’s utter disregard for anybody’s health. It also shows why she is no longer on the air.


This is dangerous. It isn’t just bratty Megs. There are others with platforms like this tweeting out this vile stuff. If even one person listens and gets COVID because of garbage tweets like this, it would be tragic. Wear a mask, people. And listen to Doctors like Fauci. He knows what he’s talking about, even if COVID deniers like Kelly think otherwise.

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