Megyn Kelly goes completely bonkers

Megyn Kelly (desperately trying to get MAGA to think she’s cool) is seemingly obsessed with Hunter Biden. Kelly, whom I have written about before, seems to never tire of making a fool of herself. This is deeply concerning as with her continuous sniping at all things Democrat, she seems to have become the female Lindsey Graham-not an easy thing to accomplish.

So, The Daily Mail claims to have some of Hunter’s text messages which show him using the N-word. And Daily Mail published them.

To be clear – if Hunter did indeed use that phrase, that is entirely wrong, and he should have known better. However, these texts have not been authenticated at the time of this writing, and Dailymail is not always the most reliable source.

Still, that did not stop Kelly from nearly bursting with delight. Desperate to show the MAGAS (and maybe Fox) that she has their back, Kelly sent this tweet: “Turns out when Joe Biden was telling us what a racist country America is, he had someone very near and dear in mind.”

Kelly, of course, is intensely bitter about her firing and most likely more than a little jealous of journalists who still have television shows.

Kelly was promptly ratioed by Twitter for this moronic tweet. But what I want to point out is the blatant hypocrisy.

It isn’t just Kelly. MAGAs have no shame in calling out behavior in Democrats, even behavior that has not been proven to be accurate or to have happened. Yet, they will say nothing about their dear messiah, the former guy.

Seeing MAGAs worry about racism is laughable. But it shows why their behavior is cult-like. When someone in our party screws up, we do not hesitate to call them out. But that is a task that seems impossible for the GOP.

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