Matt Gaetz melts down

House of Representatives Congressman and GOP embarrassment, Matt Gaetz has been busy lately. If you think, by being busy, that means working hard to help the American people, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Instead, Gaetz seems to be trying to emulate Marjorie Taylor Greene as the most obnoxious member of the United States Congress. Gaetz is keeping busy on Twitter, tweeting out Twitter comments from the likes of Lauren Boebert and Kimberly Guilfoyle. And in case, that isn’t enough, one can’t miss the giant size and extremely creepy, profile pic of him with the twice impeached Trump.

But Gaetz really went above and beyond his lunacy, when he tweeted this beauty about Greene: “Yesterday, Democrats made @repmtg one of the most powerful Republicans in congress.”

Really? They did? That is news to us. When last I knew, Greene made history by being thrown off of all her committee assignments just weeks after joining Congress. She is now nothing more then a noisy and arrogant Congress member in name only. She will not be writing bills. She will not get any committee assignments. She is, for all intents and purposes, a pariah.

But, in the mind of Gaetz, which is definitely not the place one wants to be, that amounts to success. This tweet shows the level of his ignorance. He is now currently being ratioed at a rate to fast for even myself to keep up with. We wish Matt luck in his continuing quest for irrelevance.

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