Matt Gaetz melts down

Congressman Matt Gaetz (Insurrection Party-Florida) is having a busy week. That doesn’t mean he is doing anything to help the American people. No, Gaetz is busy as a bee, tweeting and retweeting posts that say he is innocent.

And he is also demanding a retraction from CNN, who reported that Gaetz was denied a meeting with former Insurrectionist in Chief Donald Trump.

That story seems to have enraged Mr. Gaetz the most. Being investigated for trafficking minors got less of a response from the bouffant-haired Floridan than the reported news Trump refused to see him.

I take that to mean that the story might well be true. With people like Gaetz and Trump, I find that to get to the truth, one needs to believe the opposite of what they say. It is a remarkably effective strategy.

But Gaetz is fuming about the reporting of this Trump meeting and is now demanding CNN print a full retraction. Gaetz is also using character references to emphasize his honor and human decency.

That would be all well and good, except the character references Gaetz is using are straight out of a comedy film. Marjorie Taylor Greene is one. Gaetz actually thinks Greene’s character reference matters. That alone tells people how moronic the Congressman is.

Other glowing references for Gaetz include Randy Quaid, Gym Jordan, and One America News Network. These are not the character references most sane human beings would want, but Gaetz seems unaware of that fact.

There will be much more reporting on this Gaetz story, and I am sure there will be quite a bit this week alone. Gaetz should grow some thicker skin because this story has legs and isn’t going away anytime soon.

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