Matt Gaetz just took the cake

There’s always that one week isn’t there? That is the week where everything and anything seems to go wrong. Problems mount, seemingly on top of each other. Craziness reigns supreme. We have all had those weeks from time to time. And for the GOP, the time for one of those weeks is now.

So, it has been one long crazy train for the hapless insurrection party. We have seen even more madness and insanity from certain GOP psychos than usual.

We have seen Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy try to look happy and calm while cutting an ad for the NRA and coming off more like a suspect on the FBI’S most wanted list.

We have seen Tucker Carlson fiercely defending people’s rights to clasp and nuzzle their beloved chickens close even if they face salmonella poisoning.

We have seen the insurrection party minority leader Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell looking even more like he needs some Imodium by frantically calling in favors and literally begging Republicans to vote against a January sixth commission.

It is enough to make one exhausted.

But now there is more. In a frantic effort not to be left out of the crazy train discussion, Rep. Matt Gaetz (in trouble badly-insurrection party-Florida) has announced he will run for President in 2024 if the former guy does not.

And Gaetz should be President – of something. Just not of the United States. He’d be great as President of his prison confessional club when he gets to said prison. He also appears to be already President of his made-up organization, “America First,” featuring only two members-Gaetz and a crazed blonde lunatic named Marjorie Taylor Greene.


There are many things Matt Gaetz could and should do with his time, such as hiring a competent attorney and deleting his Twitter account, which seemingly nobody looks at except to laugh at him. The GOP has had the week from hell. And it’s going to get even worse, the way they are going.

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