Matt Gaetz just gave away that there’s more to come

Matt Gaetz is the gift that keeps on giving. Representative Matt Gaetz (insurrection party-Florida) has penned an Op-ed for the Washington Examiner. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I won’t link to it, but if you really want to read the Op-ed, you can google it. I really felt like I needed a shower to get the sleaze off me after reading this plethora of garbage.

Before I even get into it, I must say this: Gaetz really likes talking about sex. And his single days. He starts off the article by once again saying he isn’t a monk. Why he feels the need to say this, I do not know. He keeps saying it. Over and over, we hear Gaetz declare he is not a monk, and he lived a bachelor’s life, etc. Enough, Gaetz. Nobody cares about your singledom. Maybe the FBI does but the general public? Not so much.

Gaetz then goes on to attack the “corrupt” justice system under President Biden. The fact that this investigation was launched under Bill Barr seems to be of no consequence to the moronic Floridian.

He proclaims his innocence and demands to know why the media is not obsessed with Hunter Biden, Bill Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and any other Democrat he can think of. He also compares the Democrats to the mafia.

He says he is being attacked by the “Deep State” and that he is a “gladiator” fighting them. Can we all take a deep breath at the absurdity of Matt Gaetz as a gladiator? I am sure he might like to be one, but wishing it does not make it so.

Perhaps the only interesting aspect of this rubbish is that Gaetz tells us we are going to see more “drip, drip, drips.” Really? Well, that is interesting news, Matt. Thanks for letting us know the worst is yet to come.

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