Matt Gaetz just gave away how much trouble he knows he’s in

I’m not too fond of M&M. I am not speaking about the candy. I am referring to the dynamic duo Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Gaetz (under investigation-Insurrection party-Florida) and Greene (nuttier than a fruitcake-insurrection party-Georgia) have launched their “American first” tour, with the first stop being The Villages in Florida.

And many people are not happy about this. According to multiple outlets, many residents of The Villages are “horrified” that the toxic two plan to make a stop there.

I am less surprised. It was always just a matter of time until these two found each other. Matt and Marjorie are made to be friends. Both of them share many of the same characteristics, some of them being cruelty, stupidity, and a love of insurrection.

So, it should really be no big surprise to anyone that M&M has chosen to take their freakshow on the road.

But all is not perfect for either of them. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Greene delusionally boasted that many in Congress find her intimidating. (Shout out to Greene – I doubt that is the first word that comes to their minds when they see you). She remains stripped of her committee assignments and is the biggest pariah in Congress at this moment in time.

As for Gaetz, the investigation is still going on, and it is clearly rattling the Venmo fan. Now he has taken to attacking the Department of Justice on Twitter. Gaetz can attack all he wants, but all his squealing in the world will not stop the Feds, and he knows it.

So I say let these two idiots have their fun. Most people don’t care what they do, and as J&J make their hateful MAGA stops, the rest of the country will, as usual, tune them out.

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