Matt Gaetz just blew it

And now another episode in the ongoing case of Matt Gaetz gets more ridiculous with each passing day.

Gaetz (looking very strange, insurrection party, Florida) is now having daily meltdowns. It is no surprise when you think about it. Things are not going well at all for the hair-elevated Congressman.

To begin with, his tour with his partner in slime, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has bombed big time. Last week the gruesome twosome were all but chased out of California as venue after venue either canceled or refused to book them at all.

They made a forlorn speech to a tiny audience on a street corner and then went home, their tails not between their legs.

Now it is being reported that the two psychos have money problems. It is being reported they have lost more than $225,000.

Ticket sales have also been relatively slow for the Venmo fan and his lunatic companion. Does one need to ask why?

Add all that up, and we have a not-so-happy Gaetz. I imagine he is disappointed. Now he is doing what he does worst-threatening people.

He has hinted that he may file a lawsuit in protest of California not hosting them. I imagine any lawsuit filed by Gaetz would be dismissed quite quickly. I doubt it will even happen. Mr. Gaetz has enough to worry about.


Almost everybody still expects an indictment. We are on “indictment watch.” So let Gaetz wither away, screaming into the Twitter void as he desperately tries to change the narrative. It has not worked, will not work, and only makes him look like the fool he is.

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