Matt Gaetz goes bonkers as it all goes wrong for him

Florida Congressman and creepy Trump worshiper Matt Gaetz has not had a good week. With allegations swirling around him, the Congressman has faced increasing calls to resign. Yet Gaetz is remaining defiant. And it isn’t a good look for the troubled Congressman.

First, Gaetz texted The Washington Examiner on Friday, 4/2. The text was short. It said, “I’m not resigning.”

Next, Gaetz was back on Twitter tweeting away. And what is he tweeting? Well, his tweets seem to be about the former guy and how Democrats are quick to accuse before knowing the facts.

If Gaetz wants to prove he’s innocent, aligning himself with an insurrectionist is probably not the way to do it. But then again, we are not exactly talking about someone with any common sense. Gaetz is also seemingly furious that the baseball all-star game is not being played in Atlanta.

And finally, Gaetz retweeted a Newsmax tweet. In this tweet, Gaetz Newsmax teases an investigation into Gaetz and his guilt or innocence by none other than one Alan Dershowitz.

OK. This is not a good move by Gaetz. Dershowitz is not the guy one wants to turn to when they are having legal issues. Sure, he helped get O.J. Simpson off, but that was a long time ago. Since then, the Dersh has become somewhat of a parody himself, and his reputation is not great.

Gaetz faces some grave allegations that seem to grow more severe with each passing day. He really should lawyer up and also shut up and stop his loony rantings on Twitter. But because he is Matt Gaetz, and is seemingly incapable of making good decisions, do not expect that to happen anytime soon. As the salacious accusations continue to pour forth, it is not looking good for Gaetz.

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