Matt Gaetz gets punked

Matt Gaetz (under investigation whether he likes it or not) is not having a good week. It seems just about every day now, the sleazy Congressman who has no business being a Congressman is making news. Now, the weird-haired Gaetz has done it again.

On Memorial Day, Gaetz received a tweet asking for a retweet. This person explained it would be in honor of his “grandpa,” who was a veteran.

“Congressman, my grandpa’s a big fan of yours,” the tweet said. “Here he is as a young private First Class” the tweet went on, explaining that Grandpa would be “thrilled” if Gaetz would retweet.

So, Gaetz happily complied. The only problem is it wasn’t Grandpops in the pic. This was what we here in America lovingly call-a prank. It was a big prank. You see, the tweeter was one Ken Klippenstein. Klippenstein is a reporter for the Intercept.

And the photo in question wasn’t a sweet and kindly Grandfather. The photo was, in fact, Lee Harvey Oswald-the assassin of John F. Kennedy.

Gaetz needs to be a little more careful of what he posts. Gaetz not only retweeted Oswald’s image, but he included an emoji of the American flag-nice work, Mattie Who’s next – Jeffrey Dahmer?

Other Republicans were also pranked the same exact way and fell for it, including Dinesh D’Souza. They were not too happy when the truth revealed itself as it has a pesky way of doing.

And though it really isn’t too nice-I must say this story is quite amusing. And the message here? Never trust twinkly-eyed pictures of Grandpas on Twitter – at, at least not if your Matt Gaetz.

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