Matt Gaetz can run but he can’t hide

The mind of Matt Gaetz cannot be a pleasant place to be. It seems the perpetually stuck in high school Congressman thinks and talks of nothing but Trump and dating. Not necessarily in that order.

Although I have never read his book and never will, I have seen excerpts. One rather disgusting thing the creepy Floridian said is that he always answered the phone when Trump called, even when in flagrante delicto. That was rather disgusting to read, but it does make sense when thinking of Gaetz and his “blanket pardon” request.

The interesting thing about this request for a pardon is that Gaetz did not just request one for himself. He wanted pardons for certain others of his ilk. And those were other politicians. Which ones? I sincerely feel we, the people, have the right to know the answer to this question. We have the right to know the answers to many questions but let’s start with this one.

If others in the House of Representatives were doing wrong, we should demand those Congressmen’s names. After all, they work for us. Could some of these unnamed mystery Congressmen be the same ones who ogled the pictures Gaetz allegedly showed them? We are entitled to know who they are.

No doubt Gaetz will have a story concocted about why he asked for such a pardon. He will claim that he knew the “deep state would set him up.” Then he will point to the current investigation and smugly announce, “see? I was right.”

But the fact is that this investigation was started during the Trump administration, although Gaetz is doing his best to distract from that pesky little fact. It won’t work. Gaetz can run, but he cannot hide. It’s only a matter of time now until all the answers to these questions are known.

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