Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene get run out of their own protest rally

The bad guys just got what they deserved. So, after an emotional and sad day, the worst of the insurrection party decided to stage a protest at the DOJ. Perhaps you heard these monsters were planning it. Only things did not go quite like the terror team thought they would.

The goal of the insurrection supporters was to demand answers about the Capitol terrorist prisoners. Why were they still in jail? What was the government doing to them?

I can answer these questions. They’re in jail because they’re cruddy and rotten psychopaths who tried to overthrow our government. It would seem that the terror team is on the side of the insurrectionists-not surprising.

So, those human scumbags went to do their evil little thing. Only the American people refused to have it. Protesters showed up. They showed up with loud voices and…..whistles.

The temper tantrums of the evil insurrection party members were drowned out by screams, catcalls, and some very deafening whistle noise.

High-haired Matt Gaetz was called a “pedophile.” Yay!

The crowd labeled the evil terrorist supporters “traitors.” Yay!

Many of the protesters also sang. Yay!

The vile GOP members couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Whenever they tried, the whistle would sound. Never let it be said that our fellow Americans lack balls. This joke of a GOP protest ended with the insurrectionists being chased away. The bad guys got what they deserved.

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