Marjorie Taylor Greene’s dirty little secret

Taylor Commercial is a successful construction company which Marjorie Taylor Greene and her husband, Perry Greene, bought from her father in 2002.

Despite the controversial House Republican’s history of proudly flaunting herself as an ultra-conservative, anti-government rebel, and an “outsider,” Taylor Commercial has spent years marketing itself for its expertise in “Low-income Housing Tax Credits”, with four decades of experience in low-income housing. Such tax credits are worth millions in Georgia, and the windfall from them is often loosely described as a “cascade of cash,” according to a low-income housing attorney in Georgia.

Taylor Commercial is linked to low-income housing construction projects across the southeast, many utilizing the “cascade of cash.” It has renovated more than 40,000 multi-family units, and completed more than 100 renovations with costs ranging from &100,000 to $5 million.

Marjorie reportedly mostly withdrew from running the business of Taylor Commercial in 2015, when she started running her own CrossFit gym. Her husband still runs Taylor Commercial.

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