Marjorie Taylor Greene went there

We know that the previous president harbored disdain for the disabled. We saw the revolting footage of him mocking a disabled reporter. We deserve better from our leaders, but Republicans don’t seem to be amenable to that notion. To wit, we learned this week that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) doesn’t have a problem with the r-word that’s often used to demean people with Down Syndrome or developmental disabilities.

Rep. Greene, who calls the Sandy Hook murders a “false flag” and who taunts survivors and disrespects victims of school shootings, was given a place on the House Education and Labor Committee, of all things. It’s bad enough to have a QAnon cultist and shooting denier like Greene on such a committee, but it’s even worse now that it’s come out that Greene employees the r-word for people she considers to be stupid (she seems to think anyone who disagrees with her is stupid). It’s clear that Greene has little meaningful life education herself, and she certainly has no respect or concern for children or the disabled. Greene doesn’t belong in Congress, much less on the education committee.

This is just more evidence that the GOP absolutely is not the party of morals or honorable values. The GOP is the party of immorality, dehumanization, racism, and regression. The GOP is indifferent, if not out right hostile, to decency. Every day we uncover yet more disturbing facts about Rep. Greene. We need elected leaders who care about and want to protect and uplift the country’s youth, not people like Greene who think using the r-word to describe others is acceptable and who cavalierly dismiss the lives of children murdered in school shootings. Rep. Greene is unwell and utterly unfit to serve.

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