Marjorie Taylor Greene just stepped in it

Marjorie Taylor Greene stepped in it once again. Yeah, I know that’s hardly an unusual occurrence when it comes to Greene. What, you might ask, did she do now? Well, last week Thursday she challenged Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez to a debate. She said that the moderator could be a major news network figure that the two of them would agree to.

After I finally managed to straighten myself out from being doubled over laughing at the absurdity of Greene’s challenge, this is not something I see happening anytime soon. For one thing, it would surprise me if she agreed to anyone to the left of Tucker Carlson, let alone anyone outside Faux News be a moderator. And as we all know, AOC lives rent free in the heads of so many Republicans because she’s a strong and independent woman who knows how the other half of this country lives. This is more of a situation of Greene giving red meat to her supporters rather than an actual desire to show she has different ideas actually prove how they’re better than AOC’s ideas.

AOC herself did not respond to the challenge. However, the internet responded on AOC’s behalf and roundly mocked Greene for her challenge. A number of the people responded noted that AOC is probably too busy on things like committee work, unlike Greene who got stripped of all her assignments. People responded AOC had better things to do than engage with a conspiracy theorist who is trying to remain relevant and keep her name in the news.

Maybe AOC is on to something here. By not engaging with Marjorie Taylor Greene, AOC is allowing her rent free presence in Greene’s head to prompt MTG to do something stupid without having to do anything by herself.

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