Marjorie Taylor Greene just dug an even deeper hole for herself

Marjorie Taylor Greene won her election in November 2020 by default. Although Georgia’s 14th congressional district is heavily Republican, it’s hard to know what percentage of the vote Greene would have received had she not had the benefit of running unopposed. That’s right – GA-14 was going to get Greene as their representative in Congress whether they wanted her or not. Given that demographics are favorable to Republicans in that district, Greene probably would have won the election anyway, but she certainly can’t claim to have received a mandate.

The electorate in her district may have gotten more absurdity than it can handle. Now that she’s in Congress, it turns out Rep. Greene just can’t stop with the nonsense. She’s been in Congress all of three weeks, but even the Republicans are already tiring of her antics. Not only is Rep. Greene foolishly rash, her rhetoric and shenanigans are harmful to our democracy and to veracity. Greene has promoted the Big Lie, is an adherent of the cult-like QAnon, and this week we were reminded that she called the murders of children at Sandy Hook a “false flag.” Georgia did a lot right in statewide elections in 2020, including voting for President Biden and Senators Warnock and Ossoff. But letting Greene get past the primaries in GA-14 was a mistake.

Even before President Biden’s inauguration, Greene announced that she would file articles of impeachment against him. She declared she’d filed the articles, but later said she hadn’t actually done so because she “thought it would be a lot easier than it is.” Rep. Greene’s strategy is unclear, and it’s highly unlikely she even has one. But what is clear is that Greene is unhinged and unfit to serve in Congress.

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