Marjorie Taylor Greene is cornered

Marjorie Taylor Greene (awful person-Insurrection party-Georgia) is a truly evil human being and cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Greene has always been horrible, but she went way too far in comparing being forced to wear masks to the Holocaust.

She understandably caused an uproar with her twisted and venomous words. Greene has doubled down, refusing to apologize and causing outrage everywhere except in the GOP, where such comments are seemingly okay.

Kevin McCarthy (The former guy’s plaything-California) has finally come out with a rather lukewarm statement saying “Marjorie is wrong” (duh!), and the comments were “appalling” (double duh), and Americans must stand together to defeat antisemitism.

This was a weak statement if ever I heard one. McCarthy was more forceful on the subject of Liz Cheney. He did not even mention whether Greene should face any punishment at all for her horrible statements.

Masking matters worse, Greene seems unable to stop her racist rhetoric. She has tweeted about Food City (a supermarket chain) comparing their vaccinated employees to Jewish people wearing gold stars.

Even as I write this, manic tweets from the racist monster are pouring from her Twitter feed.

I have reported her myself for hate speech, as has many others. But that isn’t the point. The GOP could stop this in a New York minute. But instead, they seem to prefer issuing weak statements that say nothing and sound appropriately wimpy.


This woman needs to be expelled from Congress, and if she isn’t, she at least needs to lose her Twitter platform. I will say, however, that Greene is going to be a help to Democrats as each hapless GOP member running will no doubt be asked what they think of her. If their statements are as sterile as McCarthy’s, the American people will not like that. In the meantime, we must push back against this vile woman as much as possible.

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