Marjorie Taylor Greene is completely out of control

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are not at all the same. For Republicans to pretend that progressive champion Omar and adversarial QAnon cultist Greene are similar or comparable is dreadful use of bothsidesism. Republicans cannot accept that they have an unhinged lunatic like Greene in their ranks without trying to portray the more liberal Democrats as somehow being cut from the same cloth. Republicans need to own the fact that Greene is now the face of their party, and they need to deal with this quickly if they don’t want to be known long-term as the party of QAnon.

Republicans certainly don’t like Rep. Omar and they will never extend an olive branch to her. They view her as too “other,” and they think she’s scary because she’s not Christian. What I think is scary is that Rep. Greene thinks “Jewish space lasers” started wildfires in California, that she adheres to all things QAnon, that she thinks school shootings are false flags planted by the left, and that she harasses survivors of gun massacres. This false balance that the right is trying to promote between Omar and Greene is shameful and meritless.

Greene is reckless in her denial of the dangers of COVID-19, just as her harassment of minors sets a terrible precedent of bullying behavior by legislators. Her whole persona and bubbled belief system are off-the-charts deranged. Those of us on the left who strive for progress won’t fall for the bothsidesism the GOP is attempting to deceive us with, and most Americans in the middle realize that these two people are not the same. One is an admirable changemaker, and one is flat-out dangerous. Omar and Greene must not be treated as being equivalent in Congress.

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