Marjorie Taylor Greene has some explaining to do

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is indifferent about her fellow Georgians. Republicans in her home state recently passed the anti-democracy, anti-voter SB 202 which introduces draconian voter-suppression measures in Georgia. The much-reviled law, unfortunately, is already beginning to serve as a blueprint for other GOP legislators who also want to restrict the vote in their own states. While they were slow to denounce SB 202, some large entities are finally speaking out against the law, including Major League Baseball. MLB has announced that it’s pulling its All-Star Game out of Georgia in protest of SB 202, and this is an economic blow to the state. To MLB’s decision, Greene said “good.”

Greene would rather see her state’s economy and the wellbeing of her constituents falter than see voting equality in the state she’s supposed to respect and serve. In addition to shrugging her shoulders at MLB’s decision because she personally isn’t affected, Greene went on to tweet this: “Now take the rest of woke progressive Democrat bullies like Hollywood and Stacey Abrams with you.” It’s unclear what MLB has to do with Hollywood, but Abrams is a remarkable and savvy leader in the voting rights arena, hence the disdain shown to her by the anti-democracy right. It’s rich that Greene would call anyone a bully, especially since bullying by Greene is something that’s all too familiar to some of her colleagues in Congress.

In just one month, we’ve seen the number of anti-voter bills increase from about 250 in 43 states to 361 in 47 states, per election law attorney Marc Elias. It’s of course the GOP that is behind these vote-stifling bills. Greene, like her QAnon party cohorts, is no friend of democracy. Greene is fine seeing her state harmed if it means voter-suppression laws can be passed by her party. Let’s urge our legislators to support HR1/S1 and mitigate as many of the Republicans’ anti-democracy efforts as we can.

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