Marjorie Taylor Greene has berserk meltdown as it all goes wrong for her

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants the country to be healthier. Yes, you read that correctly. In her latest loony meltdown, the perpetually at war Congresswoman has posted a series of tweets promoting “CrossFit style butterfly pull-ups.”

I am not sure what Greene is going for here. Perhaps she aspires to be the next Suzanne Somers. But apparently, Greene managed to turn even the fitness topic into an argument (not surprising) because she soon went ballistic and started tweeting furiously, insulting her Twitter followers.

I will not post all her tweets as I do not want to bore you to pieces, but here is one beauty: “For all my haters, professional couch keyboard warriors, and exercise critics who can’t do a single pull-up, yet lost your minds recently over my CrossFit butterfly pull-ups, here is the conversation we need to have.”

She follows that up with the hashtag: #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain. Then she adds a line about firing Dr. Fauci. Sigh. Can someone say “issues?”

Can we please make America sane again by firing Marjorie Taylor Greene? If her new hobby is exercise, fine, but what do pull-ups have to do with Dr. Fauci? I am sure the good Doctor has a fitness regime, and even if he doesn’t, who cares? This is what we elected?

Greene then proceeded to rant and rave about COVID and morbid obesity. She is also apparently convinced that because gyms were closed during COVID, it contributed to depression and suicide.


Greene’s Twitter audience appears unimpressed and baffled as to why she seems to be sending furious tweets about this. Her page is now littered with angry and hysterical tweets about fitness. Some people are offering sassy comebacks asking if Greene will pay for their gym memberships. Don’t you love Twitter?

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