Liz Cheney throws down the gauntlet

Liz Cheney has thrown down the gauntlet. She has challenged the entire GQP to face the facts. She has declared that the Orange One crossed a line that should not be crossed. Lamentably, that line was crossed long ago.

The Republican Rubicon was crossed when the presidential nomination was awarded to ‘The Donald’ in 2016. The GQP cannot go back and undo that crossing. Far too much swamp water has oozed over the dam. The democracy cannot be un-poisoned. The Big Lie cannot be un-told. All of the caveats Cheney cited are, in fact, fait accompli. It’s a done deal; a poison-pill deal done by Don, the Orange Con and supported with a jaundiced smirk by the GOP.

Ms Cheney is beating her head against a wall. Nothing wrong with bucking the system and trying to turn the tide. Americans love the under-dog, after all. That is commendable. The problem is this: it’s a wall built of lies and cultish devotion to the Promulgator of the Lie.

Cheney is, herself, railing against facts. She is being ostracized and vilified by the GQP/Trumpians. She could be removed from her leadership role and from committees, as well, for daring to speak against the MAGA delirium.

She is not alone. George W. Bush has prognosticated the end of the GQP. Mitt Romney was booed repeatedly in his home state, by his own party for voting to impeach. The Orange Meanie has already taunted these conservative stalwarts with his signature school-yard epithets.

GQP is no longer the party of conservative values, the Party of Lincoln. To be in the new GQP is renounce history and democracy. The GQP is the party of gas-lighting and the Big Lie. To be a Republican in 2021 is to be a MAGA-mutt and little else.

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