Lindsey Graham is on another planet

Relevance is a tough thing. And it is something many a person wants. There is nothing wrong at all in wanting to be relevant or to want to matter. Many people achieve this relevancy through their hobbies, creativity, activities, interests, and work.

Others do not. There are a select group of people who get their relevancy from latching onto others. And this is how we arrive at Senator Lindsey Graham (Trump puppy dog-South Carolina.)

Graham leads a sad life. Once he was known for his ability to work across both sides of the political aisle to get stuff done, but he is now a shadow of his former self. And nothing seems to matter to the man except Donald Trump.

If you were to look at Graham’s Twitter account, it reads like a virtual tribute to Trump. It’s disturbing. There is tweet after tweet of praise for the Insurrectionist. Let me give you some examples.

Graham appears to beg Trump to file suit against Twitter for daring to keep him off the platform in one tweet. He rails that tyrants and terrorists can use the platform in another tweet, but Trump can’t. The fact that Graham does not see Trump is both a tyrant and a terrorist is mind-boggling.


When Graham is not spouting off about Trump, he is bragging about being featured on Fox News. It’s sad. The phrase “sell your soul” literally could have been written about the South Carolinian. It is crazy that he chose to go from a well-respected Senator to a national punchline. Score yet another one for the MAGA hate machine.

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