Lindsey Graham is completely falling to pieces

Almost everyone has a place that makes them particularly happy. Mine is the ocean. Whenever life gets a bit crazy or too stressful, I retreat to my “happy place.” The sea has always been that for me. I find something otherworldly about the ocean. And even if I cannot physically be there, I can make the journey psychologically. It soothes me to hear the roar of the sea and see the glittering azure waters.

I imagine you have your happy place as well. Maybe it’s the mountains, perhaps it’s the city, or maybe it’s your own home. And for Senator Lindsey Graham (Sedition party-South Carolina), his happy place is Donald Trump.

The former guy seems to be his happy person because Lindsey made quite a declaration the other night. Senator Graham has declared the GOP can’t go on without Trump. This was a shocker even for Graham.

Speaking with Sean Hannity, Graham said the following: “I would just say to my Republican colleagues, ‘can we move forward without President Trump?’ The answer is no.”

This is certainly news to me. Did the GOP not exist before Trump? How did they manage to win elections for so long before Trump came along? Graham’s devotion to Trump has always been strange, but this takes it to new levels nobody wants to see.

What Graham does not understand is his whole relationship with Trump is non-existent. The reason it is that way is because one cannot HAVE a relationship with someone like Trump. The former guy exists only for his personal gratification. In other words, he doesn’t give a damn about Graham or any GOP member.

However, Republicans will learn this the hard way. And for someone like Graham, who seemingly has no identity other than Trump, it’s going to be one heck of a lesson learned.

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