Lindsey Graham has no idea what he’s even trying to do

Once an idiot, always an idiot. Lindsey Graham (plaything of the former guy, insurrection party, South Carolina) seems to (for now) have given up on his dream of becoming a chicken activist as he’s found a new amusement to spend his time on. That amusement involves trying to derail the Democrats’ infrastructure plan by fleeing town, in the spirit of the Texas Democrats.

This plan will not work. Allow me to elaborate. First off–I agree with part of Graham’s strategy! Yes, I do! I agree that Graham should leave town–and I also think he should maybe consider never coming back. However, if Graham hopes to derail the infrastructure bill, he will be one unhappy person.

For a Quorum in the Senate, only 51 Senators are needed–and the Democrats already have 50. So. Graham would need EVERY GOP Senator to flee with him–not likely to happen.
Lindsey likely knows this.

So why is he pushing this idea? There could be a few motivations at play here. First off, Lindsey being Lindsey, desperately wants the former guy to notice him. That’s almost a given.

And who knows–perhaps Graham wants to make another run for the big prize in 2024. (Note to Graham–please do it. It would be the most amusing thing ever.)

Or perhaps Graham just wants to remain relevant–that is his big thing after all. Regardless of the motivation of the former guy’s superfan, this idea is ridiculous; it would never work and even bringing it up only makes Graham look like a fool. (It is no small coincidence I don’t think that the song “Fool on the hill” by the Beatles just started playing on my radio as I wrote this article.

I think if Graham ever wants to be taken seriously again, which is a stretch, I admit, he needs to go five seconds without mentioning the former guy and maybe an hour without trying to drag the Democrats. Any policy proposals, Lindsey? I suspect it will be crickets from the Senator on that question.

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