Lindsey Graham has complete meltdown because he doesn’t like that President Biden is succeeding

Lindsey Graham (Trump sycophant-Insurrection Party-South Carolina) has long been a source of amusement. Among some of his more wacky statements include the comment about how the former guy “has magic”. Another gem was the South Carolinian saying Trump “allows” him to be in his world. Well, three’s the charm! Now the Senator has outdone himself with another bizarre comment.

Speaking about Biden’s first hundred days in office, Graham declared President Biden to be a failure. Among the reasons the sniveling Senator listed was that Biden wants to make DC a state (??!!) and that Biden has been a “wet blanket” on the economy.

But that is not even the most bizarre part of his comments. Graham brought up Russia. He declared Biden to be a disaster on foreign policy and said Biden has let Russia mistreat him. His exact words were: “Russia and China are…already pushing him around.”

Just let that sink in for a minute. One of the reasons Graham disapproves of Biden is that Putin outmaneuvers Biden in Lindsey’s warped brain. I am convinced that somewhere along the line, Graham lost his mind. Maybe he had a psychotic break or something. I have rarely ever seen anyone so blatantly out of touch with reality.

Has the delusional Senator forgotten that Trump refused to admit Putin was responsible for interfering with our election? Trump was nothing more to Putin than a “useful idiot,” and it is hard to believe that Graham would not know that. But then again, Graham is nothing more than a “useful idiot” to the former guy, so maybe he doesn’t know.


That is worse because it would demonstrate a level of stupid I suspect most people would never match. I think Graham has more of a future as Trump’s personal assistant than he does in getting things done in the senate. Maybe one day he’ll realize that.

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