Lindsey Graham goes completely off the deep end and begins attacking his own family members

When individuals choose a political party, it is usually because those individuals identify on an issue or a myriad of issues within their party of choice. And one issue that seems to unite individuals who choose to be affiliated with the Democrats is a livable wage.

This has been a topic widely debated for years. But, unfortunately, poverty is still sky-high in our great country, and many wonderful people still work for a pittance of what they should be paid.

And as inflation rises and apartment rental prices skyrocket, it becomes increasingly difficult to attain the American Dream. COVID was no help. The pandemic has decimated many businesses and plunged plenty of people into poverty. Don’t tell that to Lindsey Graham, however.

Senator Graham (can’t stop saying stupid things-insurrection party-South Carolina) has once again made a complete fool of himself. His foolishness comes because of an ignorant statement he made about the American people.

Graham apparently doesn’t believe people should be getting unemployment benefits. The reason Graham is so bitter towards these benefits is that he thinks it is making people lazy.

Graham reportedly told a budget hearing that people do not want to work because they are becoming wealthy from unemployment benefits. Ranting and raving, he demanded changes to our unemployment system.

The acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, Shalanda Young, told Graham she hadn’t met any people who fit his description. Lindsey then helpfully provided Young with some examples – his own family members.

“I got a lot of people in my family that ain’t working because they’re getting – I’ll show you some of my family,” the crazy Graham garbled. This created quite a stir on Twitter which is going on even as I write this. Kudos to Lindsey Graham for (perhaps) toppling Ted Cruz as the Senator most likely to screw over his family members.

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