Let’s make it a national sport to dunk on Jim Jordan

Last week, Jim Jordan got his ass handed to him at a Congressional hearing by Rep. Maxine Waters, who told him, “You need to respect the Chair and shut your mouth!”
This week, it was Rep. Val Demings who put Jordan in his place by telling the pipsqueak to pipe down because she’s had enough of his fake support for police, after seeing him support the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol Police.

Can we make dunking on Jim Jordan a regular event? It brings so much pleasure to see Jordan steamrolled by Democrats who are tired of his running over witnesses with his manic, staccato mini-hate-speeches disguised as questions, and then butting in when it’s his colleagues’ time to question witnesses. Jordan seems to think every hearing is simply a stage for him to act out and flout the rules.

This despicable piece of human refuse has not suffered nearly enough for being one of the most detestable people in politics and in life, from his deplorable tenure as an Ohio State wrestling coach who looked the other way as scores of wrestlers were being molested by the team doctor, to looking the other way while Trump trampled on the Constitution, after lying and cheating his way into office in cahoots with the Russians (yes, “Russian Collusion” was real, as recently released evidence demonstrates); to trying to undercut the Mueller investigation; to participating in Matt Gaetz’ “We’re storming the SCIF” stunt during Trump’s first impeachment hearing; to founding the Freedom Caucus to provide a platform for the dumbest, least competent members of Congress; to helping perpetuate the Big Lie and trying to throw out the electoral votes of entire states so as to overturn the outcome of a free and fair Presidential election; to hectoring any congressional witness who has demonstrated they have any decency or integrity.

Republicans, for some reason, think Jordan is their star inquisitor, and Kevin McCarthy has installed him on key committees, like Judiciary, and even made him a special guest member of the Intelligence Committee just before public hearings on Trump’s first impeachment.


If McCarthy wants to showcase Jordan, then Democrats should implement a policy to challenge and humiliate Jordan at every hearing — and perhaps they already have. America would love it, and ratings would skyrocket. Let’s give the pint-sized pervert-coddler a taste of his own medicine and constantly interrupt and talk over him.
It has become a wise adage among progressives that we should vote like a black woman – which America did in 2020, and look how well that worked out. Perhaps other Democratic Members of Congress should follow the lead of Maxine Waters and Val Demings and treat Jim Jordan like black women do.

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