Lauren Boebert has complete meltdown

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) doesn’t know how guns or government work. She’s obsessed with guns all the same, but she’s only obsessed with gumming up the works when it comes to government, showing no desire to be a good member of Congress or society. Alas, Boebert just doesn’t have the poise or intellectual stamina that we should expect from our congressional leaders. Such poise and intellect are not a requirement of the QAnon party, and they actually appear to be disdained amongst the far-right lot.

This weekend, Boebert went on a Fox News entertainment show because that network provides an easy audience for conspiracy theorists and lawmakers from the party of whiteness and evangelical grievance. Boebert took the opportunity to eagerly declare that Democrats are actually the conspiracy theorists with far-fetched notions. That’s quite the statement coming from someone who espouses outlandish QAnon beliefs, clings to the Big Lie, and who still worships the disastrous previous president with cultlike fervor.

Boebert used the non-events of March 4th as justification for her stance. Nothing happened that day because this time authorities were prepared to protect the Capitol and capital city. What Boebert didn’t even mention was the deadly insurrection on January 6th, much less her conceivable role in it. Boebert called it “bonkers” and “nonsense” that protective measures are justifiably in place at the Capitol since the insurrection, the same insurrection during which she tweeted out the location of Speaker Pelosi in what must be considered an attempt to abet the terrorists. We’re not falling for Boebert’s attempts to gaslight us, just as we’re not falling for her Republican colleagues’ attempts to gaslight us.

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