Lauren Boebert goes berserk after getting ganged up on

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is one of the newest members of Congress, but she’s already one of the most visible and representative faces of the QAnon party. Given to far-right conspiracies, buffoonery, falsehoods, and outlandishness, it’s no surprise that a hashtag related to Boebert’s limited intellect is floating about on social media. It’s also no surprise that Boebert somehow interpreted the anti-Boebert hashtag to be proof that “the Left hates women.” If she were concerned at all about women, she’d put down those guns she brandishes so cavalierly and quit the QAnon party – the GOP only tolerates women because it needs their votes.

Boebert thinks she’s showing some guile and “owning the libs” by attempting to fundraise off the fact that she’s a national punchline with its own hashtag. Just weeks ago, Boebert used a similar ploy in an attempt to fill her coffers, whining that security measures (that keep her and her colleagues safe) were implemented at the Capitol after the insurrection. This all goes to show that Boebert isn’t on the side of this country and most of our compatriots, but on the side of regressionists and insurrectionists.

We on the left certainly don’t hate women; we do hate Boebert’s backward ways and bemoan the fact that such an idiotic character has found her way into Congress. Raleigh Bowman, a Democrat running for Congress in Illinois, doesn’t think it’s surprising there’s a hashtag poking fun at Boebert’s idiocy. Bowman thinks that “what’s surprising is how she even made it into Congress. People like Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Madison Cawthorn have no business being in Congress.” I’m apt to agree with Bowman. The GOP is indeed the party of the regressive and illiberal.

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