Lauren Boebert, canceled

It only took two words, a comma, and an exclamation point for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) to remind us how unfit she is to be a legislator. Her Easter proclamation of “Jesus, uncanceled!” on Twitter also serves to remind us that she’s a theocrat whose priorities are not aligned with those of most of the polity. We know Boebert lives in an alternate space where guns, politicized religion, and willful ignorance rule, but nobody has tried to cancel Jesus. Once again, we see the far right fraudulently claim it’s somehow a victim of persecution.

There’s no persecution of Christians in the United States. Christians are free to speak and practice as they wish, and much privilege is afforded them, so it’s a false argument when the right pretends there’s a war on its religion or its important religious figures. Too often that religion is used against others, however. And the right will deny it but, but Jesus is quite popular with many across the entire political spectrum. In fact, the right’s behaviors are generally contrary to the teachings and admonishments attributed to Jesus Christ. The right may want to lay exclusive claim to Christianity, but it too often doesn’t appear to care much for the religion’s namesake.

This brings us back to Boebert being unhinged and unqualified to hold office. Boebert is deficient in too many characteristics we need in our legislators. The QAnon party is bad enough on its own, but players like Boebert only exacerbate the evils of that party. Boebert is simply not up to the job of serving in Congress. Nobody is trying to cancel Jesus, but we do need to cancel the dissemination of harmful lies by the right. Voters in Colorado’s third congressional district also need to cancel Boebert at the ballot box in 2022.

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