Laura Ingraham is the latest Fox News host to go off the deep end

Fox News host and white supremacist Laura Ingraham doesn’t do honesty or kindness. She’s a far-right villain and enemy of justice and all things good. She’s part of the faux-outrage machine the right embraces, distorting headlines in ludicrous attempts to “own the libs.” The right wing hasn’t caught on that we roll our eyes and don’t feel “owned” at all. We know who’s virtuous and who’s evil in these culture wars that the right wants to entangle all of us in.

Ingraham is not a scientist or really much of anything other than someone who’s famous just for being a famous loudmouth and bully for the right-wing hate crowd. That’s why her latest foolishness is completely on-brand for Ingraham. In response to a Wall Street Journal article this week about eventually reaching herd immunity and making progress in the fight against COVID-19, Ingraham actually tweeted this: “Bad news for Biden, Fauci and the pro-shutdown Left?”

Ingraham knows we’re not “pro-shutdown” or happy to have to trudge through this pandemic, but she doesn’t care about truthfulness as she spews nonsense to her odious fans. One of President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’ top priorities is to get a handle on and defeat the coronavirus. The current administration and Dr. Fauci can only be pleased with any progress we make in our fight against the virus, and the sooner the better. Ingraham would be only too happy for the pandemic to rage on, as our efforts to combat it give her something to rage about.

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