Kevin McCarthy’s no-win decision

Speaker Pelosi has made her picks for the House Committee examining the Jan 6 insurrection. Now, it’s up to House Minority Leader McCarthy to provide his own picks for Ms Pelosi’s approval. Guaranteed; Kevin will drag his feet as long as he can to delay the inevitable. It’s his only play in this ugly end-game.

There is nothing that will redeem the insurrectionists and their Congressional enablers. Nothing. The world has paid witness to the attack on the Capitol and the literal lynch-mob that came after VP Pence and Speaker Pelosi, amongst others in Congress. More than 500 insurgents have been arrested; more and more will follow.

The insurgents were given a temporary reprieve by the fact that the under-manned, overwhelmed Blue Guardians of the Capitol could not arrest them all on the day. Ironically, that provided the rioters time to brag to all their homies and significant others about their part in the attack; posting videos and photos on social media was their ‘suspender snapping moment’ of self-congratulation for being a part of history.

The sick joke is on them, of course; they were on the wrong side of history and are anathema to the Republic. That brief session of ‘suspender snapping’ resulted in a life-altering sting. Their own wives, family and acquaintances have turned them in to the FBI and many now sit in cells awaiting trial after being deemed by the court as being a danger to the public.

Back to McCarthy’s Hobson’s Choice; whichever GOP House members he chooses will be subject to Madam Pelosi’s approval. That choice is also a ‘Cornelian dilemma’ for Kevin; whomever meets Ms Pelosi’s approval will be deleterious to the fantastical, deceptive fiction that is the GQP narrative. If Kevin were less of a feckless wanker, one might almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

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