Kevin McCarthy just found a whole new way to humiliate himself

From “Backing the Blue” to screwing over the Blue, Rep. Kevin McCarthy sure isn’t showing himself to be a friend to the police. When the Capitol terrorist attack happened, our friends in Blue fought. They fought for the lives of the people they serve. They fought under extraordinary circumstances.

Our friends in Blue were kicked, pummeled, spit on, called degrading names, beaten, and assaulted-all by a hateful and snarling mob of violent insurrectionists. These Capitol officers are heroes. One cannot even imagine how many lives they saved that day. Do not tell that to Kevin McCarthy, though.

McCarthy (no friend to Police-insurrection party-California) STILL has not met with Officer Michael Fanone. Officer Fanone was there that day. He fought. The insurrectionists hurt him, but still, he fought. He is a hero The lives of all our friends in Blue matter.

But McCarthy inexplicably refuses to talk to Officer Fanone. There have even been rumors that Fanone was HUNG UP on by staff members of McCarthy. There is a reason for all this. McCarthy is simply a coward. He knows any Officer he meets with will ask why he (McCarthy) is against a January sixth commission. So cowardly Kev is doing everything he can to avoid being put in the position of having to admit his cowardice.

Fanone suffered a heart attack during the insurrection. He also suffered a concussion. He has also had post-traumatic stress disorder.


But McCarthy, being McCarthy, does not appear to care. And with his actions, he is showing himself to be not just a coward but a cruel and vile man whose “support” of the Police is a myth-a joke. The GOP is no friend to the Police. And right now, Congressman McCarthy appears to be a friend to nobody except the former guy. The GOP myth of “backing the Blue” has ended.

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