Kevin McCarthy is falling to pieces

Kevin McCarthy (wimp-Insurrection party-California) is a man drowning at sea. The House minority leader cannot exercise any control over his caucus, many of whom have gone rogue. The acquiescent Congressman has shown a level of passivity that defies common sense.

Right now, there is a war in the Republican party. The battle is between the insurrectionist wing versus the (semi?) decent wing. And right now, the insurrectionist wing is winning.

Added to that is the former guy. Happily ensconced in his home, seemingly doing nothing except perhaps eating a boatload of cheeseburgers and waiting to be arrested, the former guy is still succeeding in scaring the heck out of the meek Republicans-perhaps his only accomplishment ever.

Kevin’s party has virtually no platform, and seemingly every week, the hapless McCarthy is being asked questions he seems to have no ability to answer. Take what happened this week with Chris Wallace. Wallace asked him point-blank if that infamous phone call happened and if Trump said, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”

Clueless Kevin would not or could not answer the question. So he quickly deflected in a way that frankly was utterly embarrassing. If McCarthy weren’t such a jerk, I’d honestly have felt sorry for him.

Refusing to answer the question, Kevin rambled on about how helpful the President was in stopping the Insurrection.


At this point, it is obvious McCarthy is not the right leader. He brings the term “Wishy-washy” to new heights. But it IS his fault that he is in this position at all, so, like it or not, it is also up to Kev to get himself out of it. Do not look for that to happen anytime soon.

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