Kevin McCarthy blew this one

Sounds to me like the GQP talking points attacking the Build Back Better act have been distributed out to the Branch Trumpvidian faithful. Here in Dubuque our local paper had two letters from people claiming that the IRS would receive a whole boatload of funding to go after middle class taxpayers. This was after Qevin McCarthy (Q-Liar) claimed that the President’s signature act provided for that and that spending $28 a day would trigger an IRS audit.

As usual, Qevin is quite full of it. Yes, there is about $80 billion earmarked for the IRS to expand enforcement and compliance activities. But it’s not intended to be used to target middle class or even people at the low end of what we would call wealthy like small business owners or professionals. Even the legislation itself says that it’s not intended to target middle class or lower taxpayers but is intended to go after wealthy tax cheats and corporations that pay little or nothing in taxes.


The President’s infrastructure bill will help many, many Americans during these difficult times, including small businesses, those with limited financial means, and those who don’t support the Orange Hemorrhoid and the GQP. Which is why the GQP largely opposed the bill along with anything else the Democrats do these days. They don’t give a damn about the majority of the population, and guys like Qevin have latched bullshit like this in attempt to make it seem like they weren’t voting against the common welfare of this country.

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