Kayleigh McEnany can’t find work

It’s indeed wonderful to again have a real White House press secretary in the adept, skillful, and charismatic Jen Psaki. There were no good press secretaries under the previous president, all of them being shameless liars or, in the case of Stephanie Grisham, a total no-show. The last press secretary in the previous administration was fibber extraordinaire Kayleigh McEnany. Now McEnany seems to be having a hard time finding employment.

Before she became aligned with the man who ultimately took office in 2017, McEnany was a staunch critic of the 45th president. But when the opportunity presented itself, McEnany jumped on board the crazy train and sought her fortunes as a defender, handler, and enabler of the president who immediately preceded President Biden. As press secretary, McEnany lied, deflected, blamed, embellished, and lied some more. One of her very worst actions was to be complicit in the Big Lie.

Americans don’t need or want a press secretary to lie to us, but that’s all we had from January 2017 until January 2021. It’s refreshing to have Press Secretary Jen Psaki speak to us frankly and to handle the media with remarkable dexterity. As for McEnany, she had hoped to join Fox News immediately after her tenure at the White House, but now Fox has put that on hold. Fox News has said only that McEnany “is not currently an employee or contributor,” but it has indicated it’s open to working with her in the future. Let’s hope not, as the less we hear from McEnany, the better. May her tenure in the 45 White House forever be a badge of shame and a permanent disqualifier.

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