Judge deals new blow to anti-mask loons

In a bit of good news today, Federal Judge Robert Pratt ordered the state of Iowa to immediately stop enforcing a law Gov. Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds signed last spring blocking school districts and local governments from mandating masks.

In his order, Judge Pratt noted that COVID-19 cases among school age children have drastically increased since the beginning of the school year. He further noted how the law makes it dangerous for disabled children or those with compromised immune systems to attend school, and even if they stayed home they were still at risk of contracting COVID-19 due to their healthy siblings bringing it home from school. Judge Pratt stated that under the supremacy clause the Federal government has the grounds to challenge the law. He concluded by saying that while keeping CovidKim and her GQP allies from enforcing the law might be extreme, the current infection rates require extreme solutions.

And how did CovidKim react to this? If you guessed that she was whining about how a federal judge overrode her will and that of the GQP legislature along with the usual liquid manure about protecting parental choice and trusting Iowans to do the right thing, you would be spot on. Hopefully, this order will be allowed to stand and CovidKim will be kept from enforcing a law that endangers our children and causes COVID-19 to spread even further. And that someday soon we’ll have a government that’s willing to repeal this garbage.

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