John Cornyn goes off the rails

I have concluded that there must be something in the water when it comes to Texas politics. First off, the poor state got stuck with Senator Ted Cruz. He is well known as a craven supporter of Trump and very much disliked in the Senate by members of both parties.

But they also have Senator John Cornyn, who is sadly not proving to be much better. Cornyn said before the Senate impeachment vote that he does not “take my role as a juror lightly.” At the end of the trial, he promptly voted to acquit Trump.

Now Speaker Pelosi is establishing an independent 9/11-type of commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection. Apparently, this has the Texas Senator quite upset. The reason that we know this is because he tweeted an asinine statement claiming Pelosi is admitting “there were multiple, currently unknown causes.”

Sigh. Senator Cornyn is deliberately creating a false narrative, and he should be ashamed. The House Speaker has always been vocal about the propaganda coming from many different places. No doubt, this investigation will also look into whether anybody in Congress could have had any involvement.


The good thing is many of his followers seem to know Johnny is not being good, and they are telling him so. Maybe Cornyn should consider taking down the ridiculous tweet and stick to tweeting about non-trump matters like how well cattle are equipped to handle the cold, according to the Senator. Leave the Insurrection stuff to the adults. My apologies go to the good folks of Texas for having not one but two moronic senators.

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