It’s all finally coming out

As I write this on a flight from LAX to DCA for the 4th of July festivities on The National Mall, I feel gratitude. We visit DC regularly and I’m not ashamed to say that on my first return there after November 8, 2016, as we drove past the hallowed monuments and government buildings, I quietly sobbed. Now I return in happy anticipation of restored independence from a dangerous presidential administration and GOP-controlled Congress.
We booked our reservations well in advance not sure if there would even be a celebration. But DC Mayor Bowser announced on June 15th fireworks are a go! This is such a far cry from cancellations one year ago due to COVID, or in 2018 when eight Republican senators dashed off to Moscow for a meeting on July 4th to “strive for a better relationship” with Russia. Their inept bungling of the optics still boggles the mind. What did Putin say to get them there on that date? We need to know everything. And it’s all finally coming out.

There will be no repeat of the post GW Bush-Cheney administration when they actually did get away with it all. The GOP, clearly emboldened by that lapse in justice, went too far this time. Like when you get over a cold or get a vaccine and your immune system is fortified, they continue trying to test our weaknesses, but we built up antibodies. They strategically attacked every political norm and we countered with even smarter tactics. Voters learned more about how our government and courts work than any Polysci, 1L, or even 2L law school classes. To quote JFK, “There is work to be done, obligations to the truth, to justice…” The courts will air GOP dirty laundry and set us free. They seem to know it too, their public statements becoming more crazed by the day.


This weekend at a Los Angeles event, I mentioned to friends my excitement about the 4th of July DC festivities, and they became alarmed, admonishing me to be careful as the insurrectionists would be back. I said I’ll be sure to take plenty of video and photos. The GOP overplayed their hand there too, the Pentagon, with Biden as DC Commander in Chief, is prepared. This time, I’ll be crying tears of joy.

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