Iowa Republican Senator completely jumps the shark

Iowa Senator Dawn Driscoll (R-Idiot) is a first term Senator who represents parts of Benton, Iowa and Poweshiek Counties. She recently used a public meeting to tell people opposed to the GQP’s efforts to flood Iowa with all kinds of firearms that, “If you don’t like it, then you need to move.” Nice. This is very much the mindset of our Branch Trumpvidian government that if people don’t like what Governor Kim “#CovidKim” Reynolds and her pals in the legislature are doing then we need to get the fornicate out.

Iowa has a hard enough time attracting people to reside in the state as it is right now. Taking an attitude like Driscoll does about people who aren’t Branch Trumpvidians will not help convince people to reside in Iowa. Nor will it encourage professionals such as teachers, doctors, nurses, or others to move to or remain in Iowa. It will not convince businesses to locate in Iowa if they cannot attract top talent who would rather not live under a Branch Trumpvidian religious and political theocracy no matter how many incentives are provided. Who wants to live in a state where the pandemic is treated like a joke and people like #CovidKim are happy to do less than nothing about the pandemic?

I was born in Iowa and I blead black and gold for the Hawkeyes. However, it’s gotten to the point in Iowa that I may move myself. I don’t blame anyone who decides to move out or decides not move to Iowa. Until the Branch Trumpvidian Iowa government is voted out, nothing will get better. The government will continue to not give a shit if its people live or die.

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