Things just got even more scandalous for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

The other shoe dropped here in Iowa Monday. Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds signed the voter suppression bill into law. Of course, every GOP drone here in Iowa is braying about how this is to protect the integrity of the elections. Bullshit. This was all about making it harder for those who tend to not vote for Republicans to vote. No matter what CovidKim or her enablers in the legislature tell you, this is about maintaining their stranglehold on the government at any cost. This was about keeping minorities and working people from being able to vote.

This new law narrows the number of days people can vote early, shortening the request timeframe for absentee ballots, preventing county auditors from mailing out absentee ballot requests to people, requiring ballots to be received by the time polls close on election day, and closing polls one hour earlier. This was all done to make it harder for people voting Democratic to vote and have their votes counted.

The Branch Trumpvidians infesting Iowa’s government hate the idea of anyone other than wealthy whites who vote solely for Republicans voting. They cannot stand the idea of people standing up to the likes of CovidKim and her enablers in order to restore a sane government here in Iowa. Iowa Republicans want to see many more years of incompetent assholes holding office and Iowans powerless to take power away from them.

It just disgusts me how much the Branch Trumpvidian government of Iowa is moving to restrict votes since lots of people in Iowa said no to another four years of Orange Florida Man. (Even though he won in Iowa). It makes it that much more important that Iowa Democrats work hard to send CovidKim and her enablers packing in 2022.

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