Instant karma

Recently there have been several stories in the news media about people who refused to take precautions or get vaccinated and had a change of heart once they got sick. Former Newsmax host Dick Farrel and radio talk show host Phil Valentine used their platforms to attack the vaccine and COVID-19 mitigation precautions. When Farrel and Valentine came down themselves with COVID-19, they began singing a very different tune, and began encouraging people to get the vaccine. While Valentine survived, Farrel lost his battle with COVID-19. There have been other stories as well about people having a change of heart once they came down with COVID-19.

It’s difficult for me to have any sympathy in these cases. I am mindful that many of these people are leaving behind friends and loved ones, but so much of this was preventable. If these people had gotten the vaccines when available, they would not have become seriously ill or died from COVID. If people like Farrel and Valentine had advocated for vaccines from the start maybe we wouldn’t be looking at a delta surge now.

It’s a good thing that people like Farrel and Valentine have had a change of heart and are advocating for vaccination. Hopefully it will have an effect on people and encourage them to get the vaccine but I have my doubts that it will. I am reminded of Luke 16:31: “If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” If their listeners didn’t listen to everyone else who said to take precautions and get the vaccine, I highly doubt that they’ll listen to anyone now, even someone speaking from beyond the grave.

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