Humiliating new development for Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani was once looked upon with respect and admiration. “America’s Mayor” was held in such high regard that many people at one time thought he would one day be President. We can see how that worked out.

Fast forward to now, and things look vastly different for the sycophant. He has become a national joke, scorned and ridiculed just about everywhere. Now there is reporting that the odious Rudy has even become too toxic for Fox death-News. Rudy has now been banned from making any appearances on the fake news station for the next three months.

But wait — it gets better. Per Politico, Rudy found out about this ban right before 9/11. Ouch! The story of Rudy is a fascinating one. Don’t get me wrong. The man absolutely repulses me, but it is such a cautionary tale. It is a stark reminder of what can happen when one gives away one’s self-respect to a person or numerous people.

This is particularly true if said people exist in a vacuum of omnipresent darkness, waiting to devour the giver, for no reason other than their bleeding psychosis. This all came about because of the lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems which has sued both Fox and Rudy.

As Palmer Report has said, it is all about money for these people. Rudy is reportedly “hurt” by what Fox has done. Poor baby! I say he should have thought of that before he colluded with a traitor to bring down the mighty nation that is The United States.

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