House Republican Paul Gosar goes completely off the deep end

Were George Orwell alive today, he would undoubtedly be horrified to see his classic book “1984” played out in real time by the GOP. And make no mistake, it IS being played out. An excellent example of this behavior is the Arizona non-audit. As you know, it was revealed that President Biden won Arizona AGAIN. How many times does that make it now?

But some in the GOP are blithely pretending the results said otherwise. In true 1984 fashion, their message is “don’t believe what your eyes show you.” “Believe what we say.”

Take lunatic Paul Gosar. Gosar (Insane, insurrection party, Arizona) is jubilantly insisting the non-audit was a “good start.” Yikes! Gosar claims the non-auditors were not given the “tools” to “make a full disclosure.” Do you have any idea what this means? Because I surely do not.

Gosar is also demanding a rematch between President Biden and America’s monster. This rematch will never happen, and somewhere deep in the realms of what is left of his brain, I am convinced Gosar knows this. But it does make good copy to SAY he doesn’t.

It also brings compliments from the orange monster. The fact is, Biden keeps winning. Over and over, Biden wins. Like Jaques Brel’s Carousel, Biden’s wins keep “turning, turning ’til you can’t see.”


But some people, like Gosar, do not like this fact. It cramps their image and makes them look weak in front of their orange master. So, they feel they must keep lying — to themselves and the American people. So we must keep the failed non-audit in mind and shatter the false narrative of Gosar and his klan.

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