House “Freedom Caucus” just blew it

It is sometimes deeply amusing (and also tragic) to watch the more extreme members of the insurrection party try their hardest to stop the actions of the January sixth commission, something these morons will never be able to do.

So, in the spirit of incompetence, certain members of the misfit party have sent letters to a select group of telecom organizations. The eleven members behind this move include, of course, Alabama’s Mo Brooks, Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, and Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The letter states that Democrats are breaking the law by asking for their phone records. Sigh. What are these idiots so afraid of? If one has nothing to hide, one does not lose their marbles when one’s phone records are subpoenaed.

Adding to the unintentional comedy, the misfit party members screwed up and sent one of these letters to the wrong person. Yahoo was one of the many companies this miserable letter was addressed to. Only there was a wee bit of an issue. The person they sent the letter to doesn’t work at Yahoo. Marissa Mayer is the name of that person, and she left Yahoo four years ago.

It does make one wonder where these idiots get their information. Do they just google “Yahoo CEO” and go from there? Do they not know that information on the internet is often not updated?

In any event, this is amusing as anything. Still, all the letters in the world will not help these “people” (and I use that term loosely) if it is found they had any knowledge of or participation in January Sixth. And all this letter does is make them look like they do indeed have something to hide.

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