House Democrats move to further shut down Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wants to see support for Guam ended, not knowing that it’s part of the United States. She decries that Americans are being forced to get the COVID vaccine even though it’s completely voluntary. Many days that the House is in session, Greene makes a motion to adjourn. Some of her procedural motions have even caused noncontroversial bills with bipartisan support to be put on hold. Just because she has no committee assignments and is hobbled as a legislator, she wants to throw a wrench into the entire governing process, gumming up the works any which way she can.

Greene is not up to the task of being a representative in Congress. She cannot possibly be an effective leader, given her penchant for QAnon conspiracy theories, her promulgation of the Big Lie, her bullying of colleagues, her desire to see democracy fail, and her overall ineptness and ignorance. Greene doesn’t really want to work, but she certainly enjoys any attention she can draw to herself, and it’s certain that she likes the six-figure salary and generous benefits we fund.

This brings us to what may happen now that Greene has managed to irk even her QAnon party colleagues. On Wednesday, about a fifth of the GOP House caucus voted against Greene’s adjournment stunt, showing that even Republicans are tired of her shenanigans. A Democratic lawmaker, David Cicilline (D-RI), says he will propose a rules change that only allows members of Congress who serve on committees to motion to adjourn. Something has to be done to rein in Greene now that she’s a hindrance to all of her colleagues and their work, and it’s clear she’s not winning any popularity contests on the left or the right.

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