Here we go with the January 6th committee

As the former guy fumes and smolders alone, he is set to become much more angry in the upcoming days and weeks in his home. The January Sixth commission hearings are about to begin, with the Capitol police being the first people we will hear from.

This will be very interesting indeed. The former guy will surely be watching these hearings. And since he is a psychotic monster, he will no doubt release a statement or two, trying to change the narrative. What is an abandoned insurrectionist to do?

It will also be fascinating to watch the GOP members of this committee trying to turn the narrative to Antifa and BLM. Perhaps they will attempt to gaslight the Capitol police asking if the insurrection was REALLY all that bad.

I am not joking. They will have to do something because their dear cult leader wants them to, and they report to him. He is, in essence, their boss.

So, we shall see. I trust the Democrats to keep the hearings sane and organized. That doesn’t mean that we should not be on guard, as no doubt the dirty tricks of the GOP will be seen in real-time.

The GOP is desperate, and they hate the idea of this commission. The words of Bennie Thompson must indeed have them trembling.

Thompson (Democrat, Mississippi) is chairing the committee and has said about calling the former guy to testify, “nothing is off the table.”

I would love to see that because as an insane insurrectionist babbles on as insurrectionists are known to do, it would make the GOP look terrible as they would have to side with him publicly. So we shall see what happens.

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