Here comes Alan Dershowitz to make Rudy Giuliani’s life even more difficult

There is a saying in life: “Water seeks its own level.” This is often true and is particularly true in the case of one Rudy Giuliani.

This has been a terrible week for the New York madman. The Feds raided his home, and the former Trump lawyer has not succeeded in making things any better for himself. His immediate actions have been to ramble on senselessly and accuse the Feds of being out to get him. Not a winning look for the hapless Rudy.

And now he’s done something that only confirms what we already know, that the man has indeed lost his mind. Rudy has phoned Alan Dershowitz to ask him for legal advice. Way to make a deranged statement, I suppose. Fellow lunatics must always stick together.

The Dersh is someone whose actions have become loony himself. Most recently, he was laughed at by (everybody sane) for siding with murderer Derek Chauvin. Dersh was deeply upset about the verdict for reasons only known to his deeply troubled brain.

And after Rudy’s call, quicker than one could say, “I kept my underwear on,” Dersh was speaking out about Rudy, saying he has issues with the raid of his home, and would be happy to offer legal advice to Rudy’s attorneys.


As of now, as I write this, the attorneys for Rudy have not phoned the Dersh, and perhaps they never will. After all, if these attorneys have any intelligence, they must know that Mr. Dershowitz is long past his finer days.

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